Astrali Publish time 2013-07-12 19:54:19

Custom roms

Anyone tried one of those roms from needrom?
Theres 4 Roms for The FAEA F1 at the moment.

Would be interesting :)

relyt Publish time 2013-07-12 21:10:27

Muiu according to chinese forum is very buggy. 2 other is the original and updated rom from Faea.

Astrali Publish time 2013-07-13 02:19:36

what about that 3d rom?

what i  found out so far ... all i downloaded (3 of the 4) got a bunch of chinese crap apps :D

relyt Publish time 2013-07-13 05:06:29

You can easily delete all crapware with root. Just open /system/app in file manager (root expolorer, es file explorer or similar) and kill unwanted apps. Carefully :)

drozdaxxx Publish time 2013-07-13 21:31:27

Edited by drozdaxxx at 2013-07-13 21:34

Is that roms, are you talking about?

relyt Publish time 2013-07-14 00:33:18


robredz Publish time 2013-07-14 01:33:11

Better to have a lean ROM without the crapware, from the start

Vladi78 Publish time 2013-07-14 02:31:18

As far crapware can be uninstalled it's better to have fast ROM.

robredz Publish time 2013-07-14 02:39:49

I meant a fast ROM with the crapware out before install.

Astrali Publish time 2013-07-17 14:51:23

i already downloaded some of the roms before i had my faea F1 (arrived yesterday) and had a look into the zip.
it does not seem to be a big deal to remove the unwanted apps from the zip before installing!

At the moment i just did not install a custom rom because of the 3e recovery installed.
Does anyone know if its capable of making a -full backup- of the whole rom including an ext4 partition of the sd card?
I am using link2sd so the internal memory stays almost empty for other stuff than apps.

I would like to have a full backup i could restore at any time if i dislike the custom rom :)

I installed rom manager (clockwork mod) just for fun.
Theres a lot of phones in the list of possibly detected devices but no FAEA F1 (i guess cause its quite new).
Anyone knows if CWM Recovery is compatible with the F1?

Greets Lars
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